Trainer Niemo Bio

Marcus Niemo, a.k.a Trainer Niemo
From a young age, Marcus Anthony Niemo realized his passion for sustaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit by supporting others as they embark on their journey to better health. Recognized by many for his success with training people of all ages, Niemo has established Body Fit Las Vegas, as a premier fitness center to continue to inspire and motivate others to stay in shape and lead healthy lives.

Growing up in Illinois, Niemo watched as his father coached his peers in a variety of sports, furthering their emotional and physical development. He soon took the same interest in building confidence and instilling a healthy lifestyle in others. Niemo excelled in sports in high school, breaking records and being awarded 35 medals in Track and Field. During his college career, Niemo played rugby at Central Missouri State University where he was named Rugby Rookie Player of the year before transferring to Western Illinois University. In addition to playing rugby throughout his college career, he was the Sports Recruitment President at Western Illinois University.

After graduating from college, Niemo became a Bootcamp Fitness Specialist, motivating overweight soldiers to get back in shape in order to pass the military physical fitness test. Once a member of the US Army, Niemo is a veteran of the Gulf War and served his country as an Indirect Fire Specialist.

From the time he was honorably discharged to the present, Niemo is a Fitness Manager, Personal Fitness Instructor, and Sports Nutrition Instructor. Certified by Bally Fitness Training, he is also a member of the International Fitness Professionals Association. His specialties include but are not limited to: sports injury recovery, youth and child muscle development, sports nutrition, daily eating and lifestyle management, yoga and Pilates, golf fitness and flexibility, life style consulting and leadership development.

His accomplishments include Fitness Trainer of the month from Bally Total Fitness for three consecutive months, and 2nd runner up for Trainer of the Year for Bally Total Fitness. He has trained 1,000’s of adults, worked with a Parkinson’s patient to restore his health and life-style including getting him back on the golf course, and has worked with patients who have suffered from a stroke to be able to walk and complete daily-life functions.

Niemo has lived in the southwest Las Vegas area for the past five years, and his hobbies include swimming, boating, hiking trails, reading, movies, plays, and participating in fundraisers. His personal mantra is that every individual is a portrait of his or her life, and should have a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle.

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